98% satisfaction with B2B Compliance

This is the same high level of overall satisfaction with B2B Compliance that we have achieved over the past two years. It is a testament to our hard work to provide a quality service to our members

97% overall satisfaction with our customer service

The foundation of our scheme is great customer service and we are pleased to see that our members think so too! Key highlights in our 2020 member survey include:


98% are satisfied with the customer service that B2B Compliance provides


97% find their account manager is expert in his/her field and is able to answer all their questions about the regulations


100% agree that their account manager finds answers to queries and gets back to them promptly


Next steps: Customer service is key to us. We will continue to listen to your feedback to deliver the best customer service as possible.

99% overall satisfaction with our website

We continue to develop and maintain our website and we are thrilled that our members have responded so positively to it. Key highlights in our 2020 member survey include:


100% find our website very informative and easy to use


100% are satisfied with the content and functionality of the B2B Compliance website


100% find it easy to access and submit data on the members’ area


Next steps: We will continue to ensure the public website and the members’ area are informative and user friendly to make the compliance process as painless as possible for our members.

97% overall satisfaction with our information

We pride ourselves on providing the industry insight and regulation updates that our members require. Key highlights in our 2020 member survey include:


100% agree they are regularly updated with new information and changes to the regulations


98% members satisfied with the information B2B Compliance provides


95% think their account manager always makes complex information simple to understand


Next steps: WEEE regulations are a complex matter and we appreciate you do not always have the time to understand all the details, especially if it is just one small part of your role.

We will work on improving our communication so that you can understand more easily what is required from your business to be compliant with the WEEE regulations.

96% overall satisfaction with our billing and invoicing

Smooth financial processing is key to making compliance as painless and hassle-free as possible. Feedback from our 2020 member survey indicate:


97% satisfaction with our billing and invoicing


100% of members agree that any credits or invoices are issued promptly and efficiently


97% of members think our cover letters provided with invoices are informative, useful and provide clarity


Next steps: We will continue to make sure our invoices and cover letters are as clear, complete and accurate as possible, so that you feel fully informed on your WEEE compliance costs.

+57 Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is a widely recognised method to calculate customer satisfaction.

It is generated by asking the question ‘On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend B2B Compliance services to a friend or colleague?’

Scores above +50 are regarded as excellent and we are proud to have reached a score of 57% in 2020.

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