The government has released the UK WEEE household collection targets for 2023. The target outlines the amount of WEEE compliance schemes will need to collect for recycling on behalf of their producer members.

The target is 471,942 tonnes, a 1% increase compared to the amount of WEEE collected in 2022. It is also around 8% lower than the initial 2022 annual target.   

On average, a 2% increase has been applied to the EEE categories, except for large household appliances, medical devices, automatic dispensers, appliances containing refrigerants, and photovoltaic panels.

DEFRA has anticipated an increase in the 2023 collection figures for small mixed WEEE (Categories 2-10) due to a number of factors including:

  • The Material Focus ‘Recycle Your Electricals’ campaign
  • Compulsory take-back for large retailers
  • Revised guidance for designated collection facilities that items such as fans, heaters, and microwaves are to be collected with small mixed WEEE instead of large household appliances.

Louisa Goodfellow, Policy advisor, commented “It is sensible that Defra have again looked at six years’ worth of data when setting the targets, to account for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The small increase in the target from last year is positive, but given the UK has failed to meet collection targets for over five years it is uncertain whether it is achievable given the current system. This is compounded by current economic volatility and inflationary pressures which may also affect the amount of WEEE available for recycling.

We hope the forthcoming WEEE consultation will provide comprehensive policy options for driving up collections for reuse and recycling, whilst also evaluating the role of weight-based targets in a more circular system”.

If you have any questions regarding the 2023 targets, please contact us.