Best interests at heart

At the time that the original WEEE scheme directive was being created, GAMBICA realised that the new legislation would have a significant impact on their B2B members. With a commitment to represent their interests, GAMBICA created a B2B focused WEEE compliance scheme that was not-for-profit and had their best interests at heart.

Fast forward to today

Now B2B Compliance is the largest WEEE scheme specifically for B2B producers, ensuring that their voices are heard on a government level. We work with a broad range of companies across a range of sectors from automation, medical and laboratory equipment through to professional imaging, audio and catering products, and everything else in-between.

We also have a growing membership of B2C producers who place electrical products that can be utilised in a domestic application on the market. For those members we procure the required B2C WEEE evidence at highly competitive rates.

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