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In addition to our core services we work hard to represent your interests at regulatory level and importantly we are unique in that we are not-for-profit and industry led. We can also help you meet your take-back obligations by arranging WEEE collections from your sites or your end users. 

If you need guidance, more information on your company’s obligations or details of registration costs, simply contact our team to find out more about becoming a B2B Compliance member today.

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Your compliance support

We pledge to support you to ensure that you meet your WEEE obligations on time and accurately.

We remove all of the hassle by liaising with the Environment Agency on your behalf, undertaking your registration and submitting your data, and we can simplify the process of your EEE data submissions. We also undertake validation checks on your data, as an added level of protection to ensure your data is correct between data submissions.

Our members enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are being supported through the process of WEEE compliance and understanding the WEEE regulations. We even have a large number of small producers who could choose to register directly, but prefer the security and reassurance that comes with being a member of B2B Compliance.

One dedicated contact

When you become a member of B2B Compliance you will be given a dedicated account manager. They will act as your first point of contact and will give you any advice that you may need.

Having one point of contact means you know exactly who to speak to and we get to know your business requirements.

Product scoping

To accurately report your EEE data you will need to scope your products. This involves reviewing each product line for its design and functionality, and making a number of decisions about how it should be reported as accurately as reasonably possible.

To help you with this we provide training when you come on board as a member. This includes regular training events and we can even visit your site to conduct training with your key contacts.

Alternatively, we can undertake this scoping exercise for you. By documenting all of the process and providing you with a product database – a significant benefit if you have limited time and resource, and are concerned about scoping correctly.

Representing your interests

We represent the interests of our members in our policy work, in the working groups we attend and through our trade association routes with GAMBICA.

Our bi-monthly bulletin will keep you up to date with the latest regulatory updates and WEEE news.

In addition, we offer regular training through webinars and seminars to make sure your business not only stays compliant, but is empowered to understand how the regulations and upcoming changes impact your organisation.

Data management

When your business has several thousand products, detailed data analysis can make a significant difference.

Starting with an audit of your current process we will produce a detailed data collection methodology. We do this by working with your key personnel, and it can be referred to when needed.

It also demonstrates that you are working to the spirit of the regulations and provides that all important transparency to the EA.

Audit support

If you are audited by the Environment Agency there is no need to panic.

We can not only help you to prepare, we can also assist on behalf of your company. You can rest assured that you have an expert guiding hand throughout.

Procuring your B2C WEEE evidence

We source WEEE evidence that you require to meet your B2C WEEE obligations by using our extensive network of accredited UK WEEE recyclers.

Packaging and batteries compliance

B2B Compliance has trusted compliance partners who can advise and take on your obligations across the other producer responsibility regulations, including packaging and batteries.

If you think these affect you too, talk to us today so we can help to ensure that you are meeting your other legal obligations.

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