Q1 2021 WEEE collection results released

The Environment Agency have recently released the data showing the total volume of household WEEE collected between January and March 2021. 119,818 tonnes of household…
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Final 2021 WEEE collection targets released

Defra have now released the final WEEE collection targets for 2021, based on data that does not include 2020 collection performance which was around 50%…
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Consultation on revised Waste Prevention Programme for England launched

On the 18th March Defra published a consultation on the revised Waste Prevention Programme (WPP) in England. Government is asking respondents to feedback on what…
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Right to repair rules for EEE manufacturers this summer

Government have confirmed that EEE manufacturers must make spare parts for electrical goods available by ‘this summer’, under the right to repair initiative. The new…
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WEEE collections target missed in 2020

Earlier this month the total WEEE collection results for 2020 were published by the Environment Agency, confirming that the overall target has been missed by…
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Government release response to the EAC waste electricals report

The EAC previously released their report on electronic waste towards the end of 2020 which urged Government to take action on electronic waste. The EAC…
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Planned obsolescence of EEE targeted by government

A range of potential eco-design measures has been consulted on by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), that if adopted will reflect progress…
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UNITAR report - how to improve WEEE collections and target systems

An in-depth review of WEEE collection and target setting systems across all EU Member State’s (MS) has been published by UNITAR (United Nations Institute for…
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2021 WEEE compliance fee methodology confirmed

The WEEE compliance fee methodology proposed by the Joint Trade Association (JTA) has been selected by ministers for 2021, to be administered by accountant firm…
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