Q2 WEEE collection data for 2023 is on track

The Q2 WEEE collection figures for 2023 show the UK is on track to meet the annual targets. The data shows a total of 118,953…
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Q1 2023 WEEE data shows promising collection figures

A total of 120,433 tonnes of household WEE has been collected across the first quarter of 2023. This is a slight increase from Q1 2022,…
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2023 household WEEE collection targets confirmed

The government has released the UK WEEE household collection targets for 2023. The target outlines the amount of WEEE compliance schemes will need to collect…
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2022 Q4 WEEE collection results released

The Q4 WEEE collection data for 2022 was released earlier this month, showing a total of 467,517 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)…
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Research highlights need for new metrics in UK’s waste electrical and portable battery systems

Material Focus’s new research, conducted by Ricardo, reviews new metrics which could help and improve the way the UK measures its waste electrical and battery…
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Impact of the Basel Convention on WEEE exports

At the June 2022 Conference of the Parties (CoP) to the Basel Convention, it was decided that all types of WEEE – including components, material…
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What evidence prices and cost-of-living mean for 2023

We know that the current energy crisis, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, supply chain issues, and secondary effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have all led to…
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2022 Q3 WEEE collection targets released

The latest Q3 WEEE collection data has been released, indicating the cost of living has had a big impact on the latest figures. The Q3…
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Consumer demand triggers rise in repair shops

With e-waste being one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the UK, we have seen the rise of repair shops popping up around the country…
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