The Q2 WEEE collection figures for 2023 show the UK is on track to meet the annual targets.

The data shows a total of 118,953 tonnes of WEEE has been collected from households across April – June this year, a 3% increase compared to Q1 collections.

We expect all categories to be at a 50% progress towards the target at this point in the year, and all categories are on track, except for automatic dispensers and cooling appliances.


Policy Manager at Ecosurety, Louisa Goodfellow, explained “It appears that decreased collections seen last year, attributed to inflationary and cost of living pressures, are starting to alleviate. Although transport and treatment costs are likely still higher than usual, only two categories are below 50% at the mid-year mark. Additionally, consumer spending may be increasing and responsible for increased collections when compared to 2022 in categories such as small household appliances.  

Although much delayed, the latest from Defra is that we can expect the consultation by the end of this year. We anticipate this addressing long-standing issues in the system, including proposals for better data collection once products become waste”.

Material Focus will be promoting International eWaste day on 14 October. We hope this will result in a further increase in household WEEE being collected across the next quarter.

If you would like any further details regarding the collection figures, please contact our team.