“Protecting the interests of our members is really important to us, and by actively lobbying regulatory bodies on the issues that matter the most to them, we can play a key role in shaping WEEE policy to ensure it represents their needs best.”

Robbie Staniforth, Head of policy

ICER (Industry Council for Electronics Recycling)

ICER is the industry body for the WEEE sector, and we attend their quarterly meetings on behalf of our members.

In addition, we also engage with other key stakeholders such as WEEE recyclers, producers, Defra and enforcement agencies.

WSF (WEEE Scheme Forum)

WSF acts on behalf of 34 waste producer responsibility organisations (PROs).

Within the UK’s WEEE policy regulations, this forum provides an opportunity to discuss and respond to issues that affect our members and help them comply with WEEE regulations.

PBS (Producer Compliance Schemes Balancing System)

Due to a nuance in legislation, Local Authorities can request that any producer compliance scheme collect their WEEE, regardless of whether it is required to meet members’ obligation. The PBS is run by Anthesis on behalf of a group of compliance schemes who voluntarily collaborate to ensure that all Local Authorities receive collections of household WEEE. As the PBS is designed to distribute the costs based on their market share, it protects our members from unknown and unfair additional costs.

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