POPs household WEEE guidance updated by the EA

In new guidance for recyclers, the Environment Agency has confirmed that, unless proven it does not contain Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), household WEEE must be…
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Covid-19 compliance fee

COVID-19 impact to feature in compliance fee proposals

The guidance for submitting a compliance fee proposal has been updated by Defra this week, making it clear that all proposals should include a mechanism…
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Recycling fridges

Positive Q1 2020 WEEE collections results

The Environment Agency released the Q1 2020 WEEE collection results yesterday which show a very good start to the year against the annual targets. In all,…
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Financial support for AATFs and new awareness campaign launched

The WEEE Fund has recently launched a number of initiatives using the proceeds of the WEEE Compliance Fee to promote and support the recycling of…
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2019 WEEE collection figures

2019 WEEE collection targets missed

For the third year in a row, the annual WEEE collection targets have been missed. This comes as no great surprise however, as all the…
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WEEE regulations review

Review of WEEE regulations published

The Post Implementation Review of The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 was released last week by Government. After the WEEE regulations were…
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DTS set to close after short extension

Retailers have a requirement under the WEEE regulations to take back items of WEEE when their customers purchase a new item, on a one to one…
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B2B Compliance scoping

Lucy Drake-Lee chairs the WEEE Scheme Forum Scoping Panel

The WEEE Scheme Forum (WSF) acts on behalf of 34 waste producer responsibility organisations and within the UK’s WEEE policy regulations. It plays the important…
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2019 Q3 WEEE figures

Q3 WEEE collections indicate another poor year

The annual target looks set to be missed yet again for the third year in a row, according the Q3 2019 WEEE collection figures released…
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