B2B Compliance team update

This summer there have been a number of key personnel changes at B2B Compliance, starting with a fond and sad farewell to Scheme Manager Abbey…
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£3.5m boost for small WEEE collections and reuse

£3.5 million has been allocated by the WEEE Fund to boost funding for two key aspects of collecting small WEEE across the UK, kerbside and…
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WEEE treatment costs set to increase due to POPs

A recast of the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) (2019/1021) EU Regulation has been adopted that will impact costs for many WEEE producers selling B2C products.…
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Defra selects mandatory WEEE PBS

The purpose of the WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme Balancing System (PBS) is to deal with requests from Local Authorities to collect WEEE, for example when…
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WEEE regulation – the wait for post-implementation review continues

We have been waiting for the post-implementation review of the 2013 WEEE regulations for some months now. Usually, government legislation is reviewed on a five-year…
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Q&A profile with iWaste

iWaste is a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) management and recycling company working closely with B2B Compliance, along with other SMEs, large enterprises and…
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The big picture - The WEEE Fund update

The WEEE Fund, which was launched just over a year ago in June 2018, is overseeing the expenditure of consecutive compliance fee sums for the…
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2019 Q1 WEEE collection figures highlight industry improvements and challenges

Is non-household WEEE the success-story? Last week, Defra published the figures for the volume of WEEE collected for recycling covering the first quarter of 2019.…
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Be aware of 'passive' WEEE equipment obligations in Germany

Are you selling or exporting EEE to Germany? Then under the German Open-Scope laws, you may need to be declaring more of your products than…
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