With the Post-Implementation Review (PIR) of the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 set for January 2019, B2B Compliance have provided further input to Defra to help inform and shape the assessment of the regulations on behalf of our members as EEE producers.

The PIR – consisting of a team of three WEEE-specialist experts from within Defra with added support from leading Defra economists – will seek to pull information together regarding the current state of the WEEE regulations.

This includes consultation responses, previously submitted by stakeholders and published in May of this year, and the UK government’s response to any proposed amendments. Importantly the PIR will be the first assessment of the WEEE regulations since they were amended in December 2013 to reflect the changes in B2C WEEE to a target-based system.

Protecting the interests of B2B producers

Given the importance of the PIR and its role in the future of the WEEE regulations, B2B Compliance have sought to proactively engage with Defra in order to act on our members’ behalf and protect the interests of B2B producers in what is a B2C-orientated regulatory landscape. To that end, we have responded on the key issues of:

  • The continuation of B2C vs B2B Categorisation
  • Fly-tipping of B2B WEEE
  • The PCS Balancing Scheme (PBS)

Click here to read the B2B Compliance response to Defra in full

Vital our views are shared

B2B Compliance policy manager Robbie Staniforth commented, “B2B obligations are not well understood or well discussed in WEEE forums. We play an important role in informing Defra on the vital differences between B2B and B2C obligations.”

“In this time of regulatory review, it is vital that our views are shared with government to ensure that we keep what is working well and only make changes where genuine improvements can be made. The shortcomings of the WEEE B2C system are plain to see, so this need not extend to the B2B system.”

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the PIR, please contact our team.