Defra has published a detailed plan setting out when the government intends to improve a number of waste and other environmental regulations including WEEE. The ‘Red Tape Challenge- Environment Theme Implementation Plan’ emanates from the Red Tape Challenge which was launched by the Prime Minister in April 2011 and lays out the Department’s timetable for delivering proposals set out earlier this year. The aim is to streamline environmental regulations and reduce the burden that they place on businesses. While BIS attempted to introduce interim measures prior to the new WEEE Regulations it appears that the challenge is too complex and, possibly, fraught with legal obstacles, any changes now seem destined to be introduced under the new WEEE Regulations. Industry concerns revolve around B2C WEEE and the higher price paid by UK producers compared to their continental counterparts. This is deemed to be mainly down to a price-aggressive approach by those who have access and ownership of WEEE in supplying those who need evidence of its recycling.