The Environment Agency has launched an investigation into an alleged illegal shipment of waste electrical and electronic equipment from Tilbury docks to Nigeria. Two containers have been impounded at the docks in Nigeria and the Nigerian authorities have ordered that the containers be returned to the UK, and have issued a $1million (£632,000) fine to the shipping company with the ship being detained until the fine has been paid. The cargo, which was shipped from Tilbury in December, consisted of used electrical and electronic equipment including televisions and computer equipment but had no certification showing it was reusable. Increasingly it is becoming a requirement for documentation either reflecting Annex VI of the Reacst Directive or PAS 141 certification. While the source of the waste has not yet been revealed the Environment Agency said: “We have concerns about two containers suspected to be ‘e-waste’ that were shipped out via Tilbury to Lagos on the MV Marivia. We are keeping in touch with the Nigerian authorities and continuing our investigations in the UK.” It is thought that the action taken by the Nigerian authorities against the shipping company will make it increasingly difficult for shipping companies to accept used EEE – even if bona fide.