A recent survey of 170 local authority waste disposal officers has revealed that about half of councils are unaware if their partner WEEE compliance scheme collects too much or too little WEEE to meet their members’ obligations. In total 51% of the respondents questioned as part of the survey, said they had no knowledge of whether the amount of WEEE collected met the obligated targets of their producer members and, of the council officers questioned, more than 70% said they thought they could benefit from a better understanding of the WEEE Directive. Critics of the current WEEE system argue that councils should have more information about how much WEEE compliance schemes are obligated to collect, in order to prevent over collecting schemes from trading evidence, which is said to drive up the price that Producers pay for recycling. The results are rather surprising bearing in mind that the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation (BIS) has sent a number of letters to local authorities highlighting which Producer Compliance Schemes under collect, over collect or are in balance with their obligations by category.