Following an announcement from BIS last year, printer cartridges have now come into scope and should be reported in quarter 1 2016 EEE data.

Last year we worked with BIS on the implementation of the latest scoping and interpretation matters regarding EEE products, one topic of which was the scoping and recycling systems available for printer cartridges. This saw the UK view fall into line with that of other EU member states for reporting EEE – see our EU WEEE FAQ publication news story

In combination with the new Dual Use interpretation, we agreed that some printers, and therefore their cartridges, could be used in either the home, or business, so as well as being in scope the printer and cartridge would be classed as Household B2C EEE. This requires producers to report quarterly, instead of annually like Non-Household B2B products, and household EEE will carry a recycling obligation based on the weight the company has imported, manufactured or re-branded.

The new interpretation will affect the 2016 Q1 data returns and means that:

  • Producers who will be placing printer cartridges on the UK market during the 2016 compliance period will need to register as an EEE producer.
  • Producers will need to report on a quarterly basis during 2016 the tonnages of printer cartridges placed on the UK market.
  • Data collected during 2016 will feed into determining the targets for 2017 and as such the financial obligations for the collection, treatment and recovery of printer cartridges will arise for producers during the 2017 compliance period.

Our membership services team will be able to update your account if you are affected by this change, and can help with any scoping issues or grey areas und the latest WEEE Regulations and interpretations. Our WEEE specialist Michelle Walsh in our membership services team is available on 0845 680 9829 or email to