The consultation on the proposed changes to the UK WEEE Regulations invited responses on topics such as, meeting higher collection targets and simplifying the compliance system for producers. There was specific focus on addressing the cost of compliance with Producers concerned the current costs do not represent the actual cost of recycling.

Four options were proposed by BIS;
•    No change and continue with the current system
•    Introduce a ‘National Producer Compliance Scheme’.
•    Setting targets for compliance schemes along with a “compliance fee” if targets are not met.
•    Matching collection sites to collection schemes.
It is thought option 3 and 4 are most favourable amongst the majority of stakeholders.

The consultation closed on the 21st June with government stating feedback would be provided within 8 weeks. Due to the number of responses received, BIS has now confirmed that the government’s formal response to the consultation has been delayed until September.  It is expected however that a summary of the responses received to the consultation will be published this week.