The Recast WEEE Directive aims to improve the environmental performance of all operators involved in the lifecycle of EEE across the EU.

In order to conform to the Recast WEEE Directive, in January 2019, the UK WEEE Regulations introduce new reporting categories for EEE and WEEE, reducing the current 14 categories down to 6. While BIS is considering how it implements this change, we are asking our WEEE producer members to feedback on proposed changes to the way they report.

Options include:

  • Continuing with the current 14 categories and use a protocol to convert these into the new 6 categories for government EC reporting purposes
  • change EEE and WEEE reporting to the new 6 categories
  • a variant of this such as adding new sub-categories for EEE that generates a distinct WEEE stream

This change will affect all EEE producers, but for household EEE producers the option chosen could also affect your future compliance costs and/or require the funding of protocols that need to be regularly updated so it is important this matter is carefully considered allowing sufficient time to make any necessary reporting changes.

You feedback is valuable to us and the wider WEEE system and so we invite you to complete a short, anonymous questionnaire on future EEE/WEEE reporting options.

To take this survey, please click here.