The BIS-appointed WEEE Working Group held its first meeting on Monday 8th October as part of the preparation for consultation for the new WEEE Regulations. The key BIS objectives are:

  • To achieve the Directive Collection Targets
  • Address the costs of compliance
  • Minimise bureaucracy
  • Achieve the environmental objectives
  • Ensure regulatory enforcement

David Burton, Project Director of B2B Compliance, was particularly focused on ensuring that the potential unintended consequences for the B2B sector were not ignored “While we acknowledge that the majority of the debate is about achieving an equitable solution for the 1400 B2C producers we must not forget the 3500 B2B Producers who could, unless careful consideration is given, be hit with significant increases in costs. I am delighted that BIS is prepared to look at the so-called ‘substantiated estimates,’ allowed under the Directive, in recognition that much B2B products are not counted through the WEEE system at end of life – otherwise the impact on the B2B sector, which has a majority of SMEs, could be devastating”.