The 2022 collection targets for household WEEE have been finalised by Defra, confirming the tonnages that producer compliance schemes need to collect for recycling on behalf of their producer members.

The total 2022 target is 511,377 tonnes, a 4.25% increase (or 20,836 tonnes) compared to collections reported in 2021. It is also 7,748 tonnes higher than the 2021 target.

The annual target is allocated across the 14 categories of EEE detailed in the table below, which include small domestic appliances and lighting equipment.

2022 WEEE collection targets

Collection data from 2020 was not used in consideration of this target, as it was classed as an ‘extraordinary year’ for collections due to widespread closures of Household Waste Recycling Centres resulting from COVID restrictions.

Defra’s more ambitious targets this year reflect that, with no more lockdowns imminent, collections of WEEE are expected to increase. However, collection targets have been missed consecutively for the last five years, meaning the compliance fee has had to be used to achieve compliance.

Defra will be looking to address the gap between targets and actual WEEE reported as recycled in the system in an upcoming consultation on reforming the WEEE producer responsibility system.

As producers effectively fund recycling via their chosen compliance schemes, there will be an increase in their market share obligation due to the increased targets for this year.

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