Defra are apparently considering whether producers should fund the free collection of bulky WEEE from householders as part of the forthcoming review of the WEEE regulations, and accompanying consultation.

This proposal originates from research commissioned by Defra and undertaken by Anthesis that also examines the possibility of obligating both online sellers and marketplaces in the new regulations. The report states that for WEEE that is too large to collect at the kerbside, local authorities should continue with the existing system of bulky waste services.

The full report is expected soon, and it has been stated that throughout the inquiry Anthesis “will be engaging with multiple stakeholders across the WEEE supply chain to gather data and stakeholder views on proposed options to change obligations”.

The above is an additional proposal that seeks to increase the amount of WEEE being collected and entering the producer responsibility system. Defra has already made clear its intention to propose retailers offer collection on delivery, in an expanded collection system that is funded by liable producers. As the UK has one of the lowest collection rates in Europe, we can expect the consultation to focus heavily on boosting it.

The full consultation is scheduled for publication in June, before the summer recess, meaning any changes to legislation will come into force in 2025/26 at the earliest. 

If you have any questions about the upcoming WEEE consultation, please contact our team