Following a recent release from the Environment Agency, changes to the Hazardous Waste Regulations will affect producers of Hazardous Waste from 1st April 2016. The two changes that businesses will need to prepare for are:

Site Licences
The requirement to notify the Environment Agency if you are producing more than 500kg of hazardous waste in any 12 month period has been removed. There is therefore no requirement to licence the premises which brings a small saving of £18 per year.

Consignment Note Codes
Each hazardous waste movement must have a hazardous waste consignment note, however from April 2016 the code which accompanies the waste movement will change to a unique reference created by the producing site for the first 6 digits used on the consignment note.

A note of caution accompanies the changes that business will need to adopt – shipments from Wales to England are not covered by the site registrations or consignment note codes changes. Only movements from England to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland are affected, so in some instances there may be sites with differing systems and requirements in place, depending on address.

The waste collection team at B2B Compliance are fully versed on the changes taking effect from April. If you have any queries about how it may affect you, or what needs to be in place up until 1st April 2016 please call 0845 680 9829 or email