We are increasingly conscious that in our offices, and in those of our Members, there are significant quantities of redundant IT – but a possible reluctance for its disposal – partly for reasons of data security. Having decided to use one of our service providers, SHP Ltd (www.shplimited.co.uk), to clear our own redundant IT, we have been so impressed by their service, security levels and ethos (not forgetting a valuable rebate) that we have agreed to recommend them to our Members.

As their Chairman, Lord Digby Jones explained “We believe that our services complement the demands of Producer Responsibility and I am delighted that SHP has linked up with B2B Compliance, both to ensure optimum re-use of EEE and to extend their Member opportunities through our professional service provision”.

To get in touch with SHP telephone 01524 580900 or email contact@shplimited.co.uk and help us to close the loop as part of our commitment to the circular economy!