Local authority recycling officers, through their organisation LARAC, claims that the current WEEE legislation is complex and lacks transparency supporting ‘Option 3’ (Compliance Fee mechanism) which would be, they claim, the most viable option, stating that there are ‘numerous shortcomings’ with the existing system, which it says “does not allow for an equitable distribution of benefits and costs between all parties”. It added: “LARAC feels that the fee needs to incentivise collection of material as opposed to just paying a fee. Local authorities should also be free to select the PCS of their choice, with nothing in the regulations put in place to inhibit this.” The group added that, if adopted, the compliance fee would need to be set to a correct level to ensure that the system functions properly. In addition, the organisation also expressed concern over the timetable for implementing the proposals, which it said was “somewhat ambitious”, given the complexities of the proposed changes.