The purpose of the WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme Balancing System (PBS) is to deal with requests from Local Authorities to collect WEEE, for example when a Local Authority is struggling to arrange a collection due to it being not commercially attractive to do so. The PBS started as a voluntary system with most compliance schemes choosing to taking part.

Defra has recently selected a new PBS option proposed by the WEEE Scheme Forum which is effective immediately. This proposal operates predominantly the same as the pre-existing voluntary PBS and will continue to be overseen by environmental consultants Anthesis.

The way it works is that compliance schemes can choose to either fulfil a request from a Local Authority or submit it to the PBS to be handled collectively. The cost of the collection is then shared amongst all schemes if none have chosen to bid to fulfil it directly.

Robbie Staniforth, head of policy commented “It is somewhat frustrating that it has taken such an extreme measure as a mandatory system for all producer compliance schemes to take responsibility for their members’ share of uncontracted WEEE generated at Local Authorities.”

“However, we believe Defra have made the right decision by inviting proposals and having a genuinely competitive process for choosing the PBS operator. We look forward to continuing to ensure that waste is collected from recycling centres around the country.”

To arrange a collection, please use our online WEEE collection request form.