The long-awaited Electronic Duty of Care (Edoc) tool – the online system for recording waste transfer notes – is now available to businesses across the UK. Developed by the Environment Agency in partnership with various waste sector bodies, the online portal looks to modernise the way waste movements are recorded and provides an online alternative to paper waste transfer notes. Under UK law, all businesses have a Duty of Care to ensure they produce, store, transport and dispose of their waste without harming the environment. One of their responsibilities is to complete a transfer note every time waste is passed from one party to another and keep them for at least two years. The previous paper-based system resulted in at least 23.5 million waste transfer notes (WTNs) being produced a year with around 50 million pieces of paper being stored at any one time. The Edoc tool is intended to make it easier for businesses to comply with the Duty of Care, whilst also reducing the amount of paperwork that they will be required to store in order to meet the requirements of the regulations.The Environment Agency estimates that Edoc has the potential to move 80% of waste transfer records online over time and will become the default option for most companies.