We have launched our new monitoring process for all our members, designed to help you stay on top of your EEE submissions – here’s a quick look at what you can expect.

Prioritising data accuracy

The EA has made it very clear that they are prioritising data accuracy. In response to this, we have been working hard to ensure that our members know what this increased scrutiny means to them, especially at a time when business activity is liable to change.

We have been active in ensuring that all our members are collecting the necessary data for their EEE as accurately as possible. As part of this we have established a monitoring process which aims to suggest improvements we believe can be made to increase accuracy, simplify existing procedures, and ensure changes are as seamless as possible.

Both B2B Compliance and our members take on distinct legal obligations with regards to the data that is submitted. We are responsible for ensuring that the data we submit to the EA on our members behalf is a true reflection of waste being placed on the market. Similarly, our members are obligated to ensure that they submit their correct data to us. With the increase in stringency that the EA is placing on data accuracy, this means it is now more important than ever to make sure that member processes are appropriate. This is where our monitoring process comes in.

These are some key areas you will benefit from during the monitoring:

1. We will highlight and help you work on areas of improvement

We understand that data collection and compliance is only a small part of what you do on a daily basis – in some cases it may only appear to be relevant once a year. Through our monitoring process we can help to identify areas within your data collection processes that can be adapted ahead of the 2021 compliance year. In this way we can improve efficiency and ensure that data is more accurately collected in future submissions.

2. You can be sure you are fully compliant

Our monitoring process involves us getting to know more about your businesses. This allows us to identify if there are other areas where you are not yet fully compliant. Our understanding of the industry goes beyond that of just WEEE compliance, so in instances where batteries or packaging is not being registered in the appropriate way, we can highlight this and give advice regarding how to resolve these issues. In some cases, this could help you avoid action from the EA.

3. Always be prepared

As your compliance scheme, we are eager to ensure that you are suitably prepared for each submission. Through monitoring our members, identifying areas for improvement and providing support to ensure that these improvements are implemented, we can be sure that you have transparent and accurate processes. It also means you will be confident and prepared should the EA have any questions for you.

4. Save time and have peace of mind

By being prepared ahead of data submission periods, you will save time by avoiding the inevitable back and forth emails between yourself and your account manager. Our monitoring can ensure that you are clued up about questions that are likely to crop up during submission periods. Not only will you save time, but you will be confident ahead of time that the data you are submitting is accurate.

What to expect

The monitoring is carried out by your account manager and will usually involve an hour-long conversation designed to thoroughly cover various aspects of data collection. This is tailored to the individual member. The outcome of this monitoring is a formal report which lays out your data collection processes and identifies any improvements which need to be made going forward.

The monitoring process has already begun and so far, we have had very positive feedback from the members who have taken part. If you have any queries about our monitoring process or would like to know when you will be monitored, please contact your account manager directly or call us on 0333 300 1433.