B2B Compliance presents to BIS

At a meeting of the Environmental Regulatory Group of the GAMBICA Trade Association B2B Compliance was invited to give a presentation to the key team…
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B2B Compliance presentation to BFBi Annual Conference

Carl Kruger, Project Director of B2B Compliance, took the opportunity to brief the members of the Brewing, Food & Beverages Industry Supplies trade association, the…
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B2B Compliance presentation to BIS

Following its presence at the WEEE Working Group on 8.10.12 B2B Compliance has a further opportunity to discuss issues impacting upon the B2B sector with…
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WEEE Working Group meets

The BIS-appointed WEEE Working Group held its first meeting on Monday 8th October as part of the preparation for consultation for the new WEEE Regulations.…
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BIS prepare for WEEE Consultation

At an Industry Council for Electronic Recycling (ICER) meeting held on 18th September BIS officials have confirmed their programme of work related to the forthcoming…
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Defra reveals timetable for cutting waste red tape

Defra has published a detailed plan setting out when the government intends to improve a number of waste and other environmental regulations including WEEE. The…
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EA publish WEEE Data for Quarter Two

The EA has published WEEE data relating to the second quarter of 2012. Comparison with the first two quarters of 2011 show that the collection…
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EA produces guidance on Fixed Installations

The Environment Agency has attempted to clarify the definition of fixed installations – parts of which are, potentially, outside the scope of the WEEE Regulations.…
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EA produces draft guidance for AATFs

The Environment Agency has produced draft guidance for Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATFs) for use by EA officers when auditing - either under the WEEE…
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