B2B Compliance has completed a series of webinars for its members covering aspects of the ongoing WEEE consultation.
The webinars outlined the potential impacts upon the B2B sector – many of which have now been avoided or diluted thanks to the efforts of B2B Compliance is being the only key representative of the B2B sector in the UK. The successes include:

  • Producer to decide B2C or B2B
  • No collection targets on the B2B sector
  • Use of substantiated estimates
  • No ‘unintended consequences’ for the B2B sector from the Red Tape Challenge
  • No market in B2B evidence
  • Removal of Director Sign Off

Project Director David Burton confirmed “At this stage of the consultation we are very happy with the initial position that BIS has taken – they have clearly listened carefully to the valid arguments put forward by B2B Compliance and responded proportionately and pragmatically – to date we are, in fact, delighted. There is still, however, the issue of the widening of scope, which is committed to be reviewed at European Commission level by August 2015, and could present certain challenges.”.